About Me

Do you know how many times I sat down to write this page only to watch the cursor wink knowingly at me?   I really do not like to talk about myself, but here goes:

My name is Julie Mulligan.   I began my career as a software engineer after graduating with a degree in electrical engineering.   My career progressed into consulting and I traveled the US and even to Italy, helping companies with their websites. Tired of the road-warrior lifestyle, I left the programming world in my thirties to settle down. After getting married, I began popping out kids every couple of years to a grand total of three. Now they are all in school and I can focus on writing, something I didn’t know that I always wanted to do.

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My favorite thing to write is women’s fiction, which takes a light-hearted approach to relationships, career, and family.  In addition to fiction, I have many other interests that I love to talk about so I decided to start this blog. This gives me a good balance between my active imagination and my soapboxes.

I encourage discussion and debate as a healthy way to enlighten others as well as myself.   Constructive comments on my blog posts will always be appreciated and cherished. Petty, spiteful, mean and generally unhelpful comments will be crumpled tightly by a firm hand and cast directly into the belly of hell. Now that we are all on the same page, let’s go!